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Creating and spreading love always!




 西尾 和弘


Our policy is that we don`t so often talk about hair with our customers. Being a hair salon, you may ask why? It`s because we try to get a feel for your taste and style regarding hair through daily conversation about such things as hobbies and current events rather than technical talk about hair.

We aim to give you what really suits you, not only follow new hair style trends, therefore, we try to create a relaxing atmosphere in our salon to relax both you and your hair.

We think that hair style is an important item and it, like clothing and interior design, can boost your confidence. I believe that if you find out the most suitable hair style for you, you`ll enjoy your daily life all the time. Of course, hair trends are cool, but hair styles that help you feel comfortable are what we`d like to help you with for life.

“Creating and spreading love always!”
Not only through our hair styles, but also through Lecrin and its staff.

Kazuhiro Nishio, President

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